We all know the joy of having a new horse in our lives.  For me, the cliche'  "love at first sight" comes to mind.  Many of us feel an instant bond and connection.  Our excitement of having a new equine friend can be so intense that we might forget to consider his feelings toward us.  The Waterhole Rituals teach that it is the HORSE that must initiate the relationship. Horses are curious by nature.  When a horse is ready to learn what you are all about, HE will approach you.  Only then will he be ready to discover who you are and how you operate.  The Waterhole Rituals honor this relationship from a horse's perspective.  People sometimes fail to appreciate the tremendous capacity to bond that is innate in horses.  When presented with a choice between companionship or food, a horse may undoubtedly choose companionship.  

Years ago, I thought that I had a good rapport with my horses but upon learning The Waterhole Rituals I realized that I must allow my horses to initiate our relationship.  The first time each horse came to me (for no reason other than to explore who I am) I felt a shift in me and in our relationship.  Simply being in the company of horses has given me so many valuable insights.  They are my greatest teachers.  Sharing time with them has taught me more about animal communication than all the years I spent studying to become an Animal Communicator.  

If a woman's love for her horse is truly genuine, she will do her best to understand life through his eyes.  There was a time when I couldn't hear my horses but those days are long gone.  While waiting for my horses to initiate the relationship, I could hear them say, "We see you and when we want to know you, we will come".  Think how inviting it can be to build a relationship with someone who expects nothing in return but the pleasure of your company.  Horses naturally spend lots of time masterfully developing relationships with each other.  Listening to their wisdom can serve us well.  It certainly has for me!

I'll leave you licking & chewing on that one.  

Linda & the herd of 8

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