Have you ever wondered what it would be like for your horse to seek your companionship over that of his pasture mates with no tack involved?  Does your horse come freely to you from a willing desire to be trained?  I used to dream of such a connection with my horse.  I could only dream, however,  because I simply didn’t know how to achieve such a genuine connection.  I knew I loved my horses but I felt the connection was a one way street.  I wanted my horses to have the same type of bond with me that I felt for them and could see that they had with each other.

While searching the internet one day, I saw a YouTube video which reflected the kind of relationship I desired with my horses.  The video showed a horse named Pandero and he was dancing at liberty with Carolyn Resnick.  Watching that video sent me on a personal journey which even today has a profound influence on my interactions with horses and humans alike. I learned to achieve the connection that I was seeking with my horses through The Seven Waterhole Rituals.  This method of training was created by Carolyn Resnick from the knowledge she gained in the three years she spent living with and learning from wild horses. 

We all have heard that horses don’t lie.  Honesty is an integral component in their code of conduct. Through the WHR (Waterhole Rituals),  I learned how to be honest with horses (in their language), just as they are with us. I learned that when training a horse at liberty, freedom is crucial to the development of your relationship.  Force, punishment, and submission can merely yield dishonest illusions of a genuine relationship which in actuality can only be developed through trust, honesty, and respect.  From the knowledge I gained, I can now make YouTube videos which reflect the bond I share with my horses as well.  

If you have the desire to experience an open and honest relationship with your horse (and with yourself), I can assist in creating the connection that will satisfy your heart’s desire.   Once a month in 2016, I will have a "Play Day" for learning The Waterhole Rituals here at my farm in North Carolina.  Also, I will be teaching clinics in Pennsylvania, New York, England, Costa Rica and other locations as well.  It is my desire and passion to help all of you achieve magnetic connections with your horses. A like-minded consciousness is created between you and your horse as you communicate in a language of harmony and unity. You need only think of a flock of birds flying together or a school of fish swimming together to understand the beauty of connection.

In the video below, you will see an example of the connection that I am describing.  Notice the steps that I take and how my horse matches those steps.  He moves synchronously with my steps (not because he is trained to move that way) but because it is his nature to move magnetically in harmony and unity resulting in the graceful beauty that can only be found in true connection.  

Have a great rest of the week.


Linda Salinas2 Comments