Animals or People?

From the time I was born, I have always had animals in my life.  I owe much of who I am as a person to the many animals that have shared their lives with me.  I have always felt that I live with one foot in the animal kingdom and one foot in the human world.  Often my clients lament that they are more comfortable with animals than they are with people.  Although I understand their point of view, I don’t feel this way.  Animals are precious to me, but so are humans.  I love animals and people equally.

There are, however, some basic differences between animals and people.  Animals are perfect just the way they are.  I do question whether we can always say the same about people.  Although dogs are well known to be man’s best friend, we all know that man sometimes falls short in returning this loyalty.  Rather than being seen as equals, many animals are subjected to abuse and neglect.  Fortunately, we have heroes who are actively working to improve the lives of countless animals.  I personally know many Animal Rights Workers whom I would like to honor and thank for their love, compassion, and most of all for their courage and determination to continue on when the going gets tough.

In order to “right the wrongs” in life, we must all be courageous and flexible enough to assist our fellow humans.  In helping man lies the answer to helping animals.  Let us join forces to show our fellow man the same compassion that is effortlessly demonstrated by animals every day.  Together we can spread the word that within the animal kingdom there is a treasure chest filled with thousands of diamonds in the rough disguised as abused or neglected animals.  Each and every one is waiting to be polished with the cloth of human love.   As we clothe ignorance with the cloak of compassion, we become the change we wish to manifest.  This beautiful video exemplifies someone who became the change his soul desired.