The Art of Doing NOTHING

How can “doing nothing” be an art?  The Art of Doing Nothing can be defined as being contemplative without action.  We recognize mastery in others, such as the Dali Lama, who have great command of this art.  Years ago as a young mother of four children, I felt that taking time for myself was not an option.  Even today, people feel that taking time for themselves to do nothing is a luxury or a sign of laziness, but it is neither.  It is often the missing link for our own healing and for finding our answers in life.  Everyone has a song to sing, a dance to dance, and a story to tell or write.            

It is never too late to find your passion.  Age is irrelevant.  The key is to become CONTEMPLATIVE about your everyday environment.  At one time, it might have been the norm for chosen individuals to retreat to a monastery or convent to enter into a contemplative state, but this is no longer the case.  We are ALL called to be contemplative because we are all Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Nature provides the breeding ground for contemplation and can accelerate your healing or even the discovery of your life’s passion.  With time and effort, you will learn to love the silence involved in contemplation.  By doing so, you will embrace the importance of stillness and the Art of Listening, by seemingly doing less, you achieve more!

In this world of action, there is the illusion that things won’t get done unless you take action.  Through reflection and contemplation, you will learn to distinguish between creation and co-creation.  The difference lies in Divine Inspiration vs. Human Inspiration.  By opening your heart to the Divine, your song, dance, and story will always reflect your Source.

Beth with horse Cimmy    Thank you Beth!

Beth with horse Cimmy    Thank you Beth!

Have an amazing rest of the week.  As you contemplate these words, your own unique song, dance, or story is waiting for YOU!