Horse Whispering

Horse Whispering, although an unspoken language, is one of the most advanced forms of communication.  All animals use nonverbal communication.  Birds chirp, dogs bark, and horses whinny.   Humans have language skills and reasoning abilities. As a result, humans believe that we are the most intelligent species.  This consensus sounds a bit unfair to me since we are the only ones who get to express an opinion on the matter!   

The key to Horse Whispering is to put the relationship with your horse above your expectations concerning his behavior or performance.   Unlike humans, horses have an innate ability to listen.  In the wild, their very survival depends upon it.  Humans forget that listening can be valuable for our survival as well.  The intuitive process begins with listening to and trusting your own higher self.  All of us have experienced those moments when we need to listen to our inner voice and we all have also experienced the disastrous consequences of not heeding to that inner wisdom.  The result can ultimately be a matter of life or death. It all sounds so simple, yet the road to trusting your own “whispers” can be extremely challenging.  Trusting your own gut instinct over logical reasoning is no longer a normal and natural part of our lives.   In modern society, people tend to spend most of their day “in their heads” rather than “in their hearts”.  The ability to have faith and trust in your higher self, above all else, is one of the most rewarding gifts that you can give to yourself.

Gramsey in her stall recovering.  She looked so perfect in this pose and yet behind the dutch doors she was quite broken. 

Gramsey in her stall recovering.  She looked so perfect in this pose and yet behind the dutch doors she was quite broken. 

I personally know how agonizing it can be to find the strength to trust the “whispers” within.  My horse named Gramsey broke her ankle 8 years ago.  The injury was so severe that surgery was not an option.  Three veterinarians, including an equine orthopedic surgeon from North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine, all agreed that Gramsey should be euthanized.  I wanted to follow their advice and do what was right for my horse,  but because I clearly heard Gramsey whisper to me to “give her a chance”, I simply couldn't ignore her plea.  Summoning the inner strength to heed my horse’s silent whisper above the “not so silent” words spoken by trusted experts was one of the most difficult things that I have ever done.  I listened to Gramsey’s whisper and trusted my own higher self.  Today, Gramsey is a living miracle.  Against all logic and reason, Gramsey continues to thrive while living among my herd of eight horses.

Allow me to teach YOU how to listen to the whispers of your horse.  By putting the relationship with your horse first, you will achieve the performance that you desire.  In August, I will be traveling to Canada, Denmark, and England where I will demonstrate how to connect with horses at liberty, without tack, force or restraint. In September, I will be teaching a 3 day clinic at my farm in North Carolina.  Join me in learning the highest form of communication that you can experience with your horse.  The creation of a magical connection is just a whisper away!

Have a great rest of the week!  Thank you all for reading my blog.