Do Animals Have Emotions ?

Do animals really have emotions?  You better believe they do!  Show me someone who says animals don’t have emotions and I will show you an ignorant human being.  Ignorance is derived from the word “ignore” and means lack of knowledge. 

In the hope of providing insight to my clients who need scientific proof, I have read many books on the topic of animals and their emotions.  The scientific community is clearly divided on this subject.  Unfortunately, science has been elevated to the mecca of:  “Truth by proof".  If something can’t be proven, it is not considered to be true.  But given that scientists themselves can’t agree, I say “STOP EXPERIMENTING ON ANIMALS AND START EXPERIENCING  ANIMALS”.

When I began my work as an Animal Communicator, my friend Debra gave me a photograph and asked me to communicate with her horse Nakota, who had crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Debra gave me no details about Nakota and I did not know Debra prior to Nakota’s passing.   Debra only wanted to know if she had done the right thing in helping him cross over.  After communicating with Nakota, I went to Debra’s house to discuss what I had learned.  As I talked, Debra was expressionless and offered no affirmations concerning the communication with Nakota.   In my session with Nakota, the last question I  asked was if he had a message for Debra.  I clearly and distinctly heard “one heart beat”.  Debra began to cry when I told her this and she then shared the details concerning Nakota’s passing.  Here is what Debra shared with me that day.

"When the time came for me to assist Nakota in crossing over, I called the vet.   As we transported Nakota to the place where he was to be laid to rest, Nakota whinnied a final goodbye to the other horses and each one responded.  The medicine to assist in his crossing was administered and Nakota laid down.  In  my despair, I grabbed the stethoscope from the vet and exclaimed,  I have to hear his last heartbeat”.   

Still doubt that animals have emotions?  I think not. I write this week’s blog with gratitude to Debra for allowing me to share her experience and in loving memory to her horse Nakota.   

Still doubting?  Check out this heartwarming video and have a fabulous rest of the week!