Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Fear

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Fear is a complex phenomenon.  It can be so limiting.  Due to fear, you may not do something that you have always wanted to do.  This is an example of lack of action.  On the other hand, fear can also induce action, sometimes for the wrong reasons.  A person may attend church due to fear of punishment or due to fear of what others might think if he/she doesn’t attend.  I certainly am not saying that going to church is wrong.  What I am saying is that it is important to examine why you make certain choices in life.  Would you want your own children to visit you out of fear?   Of course not!  You would hope that they come to visit you because they love you and they want to be with you.  The Divine is no different.  When fear is the motivating factor in your decision to do something, you are not truly free.  I hope you will find this blog to be liberating. 


No one is exempt from fear.  Believe me, as an Animal Communicator and a Horse Whisperer in the Deep South, I know a lot about the fear which results from being different.  My chosen path is obviously not mainstream.  It took me a long time to “come out of the closet” in the sense that I could embrace my skills and own what I do.  I no longer worry about what others may think and I feel free to live my truth.

The only fear that is healthy is the fear of harming or offending another sentient being, whether this be God, another person,  an animal, or anything in nature.   Begin now to liberate yourself from making decisions based on fear.  Easier said than done, right?  The first step, is to look within.  It is not necessarily what you are doing in life that is right or wrong, it is the reason why you are making your choices that is important.  Therein lies the right or wrong.  You must live your truth to live authentically.

In this beautiful and magical season of spring and renewal, make a commitment to yourself that you will not allow fear to enter into your decisions and choices.  Take it one step further and do something that you have never done before simply because fear was holding you back.  It’s time to liberate yourself!  Please feel free to write to me about your experiences.  I hope you have an amazing week and remember that I am rooting for you!!

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