It is impossible to go through life without them.   Relationships involve people, work, yourself, animals, money, where you live, power, beliefs, nature, etc.  A list of relationships is endless, yet often determines the joy you experience in life.  

 I have been married for 38 years and  have 4 children.  Our household currently includes 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 fish, and 8 horses.  I share a unique and special relationship with each one of them.  Without a doubt, I have learned more from my horses concerning how to have a relationship, than I have from Marriage Counselors, Psychotherapists, and the Clergy combined.  Yes, you heard me right! 

So what have horses taught me about relationships?  First of all, they have taught me the value of nurturing the relationship itself.  I was surfing the internet one day when I ran across a YouTube video of Carolyn Resnick and a horse named Panadero.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my horses, only that I hadn’t found it.….. until I watched Carolyn & Panadero on  YouTube.  What impressed me the most about the video was that Carolyn and Panadero looked as if they were dancing together.  The horse was free, without restraint, force or tack and he was clearly having as much fun as Carolyn.  I fell in love while watching that video, it changed my life and clarified what I wanted to do with my horses.  It became my goal to study and learn Carolyn’s method, known as The WaterHole Rituals.   I have  studied with Carolyn for several years, and as one of her certified instructors, I feel fortunate that I can empower others to have magical relationships with their horses as well.   Here is Ann Williams, one of my students, who came with her horse Nate from Pa. for a 5 day private clinic.  

From horses, I have learned that having a choice within the relationship is everything.  Without choice, you are enslaved, regardless of how humanely you are treated.  I have learned that trust is not quite the same as love, but it is just as important.   I have learned that respect is a form of love,  and without it a relationship cannot be healthyWillingness must be part of the relationship as well.  You simply can’t have a relationship if one or both parties aren’t willing to put forth the effort.  I have also learned that in order to have a relationship there must be focus.  It is important to maintain an open dialogue with your partner rather than allowing distractions such as telephones, television, and other electronics devices to distract from the connection shared in a relationship.  Relationships need both focus and attention. 

How special it is to share an energetic connection that is pleasing to both parties (horse and/or human)!  Lastly, you must have fun to maintain your connection.  Learn how to dance with one another as reflected in this video of Carolyn & Panadero. 

Animals offer some of the most rewarding relationships we can have in this journey that we call life.  I once heard someone say, “I wish I were half the person my dog thinks I am”.  Animals in general open a special gateway to our own healing. 

Have a great rest of the week.  Thank you for reading my blog and keep the dance in your relationships alive.   

Linda SalinasComment