Can Trees Communicate? Really???

 Everyone has their own personal description of nature.  For me, nature is the thought of God placed in time.   Nature has it 's own language, which is  silence.   If you listen well,  you will hear what nature has to say.  Do natural organisms speak to each other?  For example, do trees communicate with other trees?  If so, how do they do it and for what purpose?  

In this video,  you will see how trees truly communicate with each other.  WAKE UP EVERYONE!  We have been hearing for years how everything is connected and it is clearly undeniable.   Last week's blog was titled, "Everything Belongs".   This week's blog provides another example of how everything belongs because everything is connected.  

As my dear friend Charlie Womack said to me, "Linda, you can't gain on one end without giving up something on the other end".  My reply to Charlie is,  "Your right, so let's just let it all be"!  

Trees clearly can communicate, but are we listening well enough to hear their message?  

Have a great rest of the week and please remember that everything belongs because all life is connected.  

Linda Salinas6 Comments