Everything Belongs.....


Everyone has a favorite animal.   We have domestic favorites like dogs, cats, and horses and we have undomesticated favorites such as  elephants, dolphins, and monkeys.   Many of us have animals we wouldn't miss if we never saw them again-EVER.  

Often when an animal comes into our home, we charge the animal with "guilty by invasion" and sentence the animal to death versus relocating the animal.   The "get rid of" mentality appears to be driven by convenience and dominance with no consequence for our own actions, but not always.  In the video I am sharing with you, man does it right  when he reintroduces the  wolves into Yellowstone National Park after 70 years.  No one would have imagined the amazing impact the wolves had and I think you too will be surprised.

Humans say humans are the most intelligent of all the species, and our animals are patiently waiting for us to prove it to them.
— Linda j. Salinas

In the season of rebirths, I wish all of you a blissful Easter, and remember---  Everything Belongs.

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