Modern man has forgotten the medicine of fresh air and sunshine and instead expects to heal in a hospital, and that is illogical for someone who thinks like me. We have either forgotten (or disbelieve) our ancestor’s theory – evident in Native American teachings – that our creator is in all life, and that all creatures -- birds, raccoons, praying mantis, bugs, spiders – communicate.     Native Americans teach that the medicine of horse is power. “Horse” is both physical power and unearthly power. In shamanic practices throughout the world, it is the horse that enables shamans to fly through the air and reach heaven.   

This has certainly been my experience with horses and their power. The power I am speaking of is not just physical power, which is earthly power, horses also have divine powers. I’ve witnessed this in my life and in my clinics: one story after another of horses serving as our guides, teachers, and healers. Horse therapy centers are popping up all over, recognizing the horse as the portal for connecting trauma victims, autism, emotionally damaged children back to themselves first, and to something greater than themselves later. How can we doubt that power is the medicine of horses when horses are the chosen vehicle for rehabilitating catastrophic human traumas -- emotionally disturbed and abused children, prisoners, veterans suffering from PTSD, rape victims, and the broken-hearted? It is clear: healing happens with horses.  

My horse Shadow revealed many moons ago a truth I teach to this day: “You have to feel it to heal it.” Horses help us to shed the layers of pain we accumulate and if you are willing to travel deep into yourself, horses are my choice of vehicles. Horses don’t lie, nor do they disappoint. Horses have facilitated my own healing in countless ways, but that’s the subject of another blog! 

My work with horses has taken me full circle from Animal Communicator to Horse Whisperer, and it is as a seeker of truth that governs the way I interact with horses and people. Another herd lesson I can’t place enough value on is harmony. Horses have taught me the way to find harmony. Such harmony comes with a clarity in your communication. Keep your difference short and sweet. Build on your connection and never allow your agendas, wants, needs, or desires to interfere with listening to your horse who desires connection more than you can sense or imagine.  

Many of us intuitively “feel” this potential for connection but have no idea how to “speak the unspoken language.” It has taken me years to “crack the code” so to speak, but now that I have, I want to share my decades of learning with people seeking the same, amazing, life-changing experience of healing through and connecting with horses. 

At True Connection Horse Academy, we believe connection is the cure for our dis-ease of separation – from ourselves, each other, and the natural world.  I am excited to announce two associates who are joining me in my work:  Lauren Cryan will head up the children’s programs while Lynn Everett will oversee the students in the Academy. Both give clinics and to read more about Lauren and Lynn, stay tuned for future announcements, coming soon.  

In order to build upon the coursework in True Connection Horse Academy, I am personally offering just a few clinics (public & private) in 2020.  My last clinic of 2019 is in San Antonio and there are still spots available. Click below to sign up or learn more.

If you’re seeking a deeper connection with your horse, go no farther. At True Connection Horse Academy, you’ll connect with a “herd” of humans on the same journey. Join us as we find healing and wisdom through the language of the horse.

Wishing each of you true connection & harmony with your horses 🌹



Linda SalinasComment