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There are many benefits to sitting outside with your horse or your animals; one of them is that you open yourself up to hearing their main message, which is to simply just be with them. Now that may seem like a “non-activity,” but there’s deep wisdom in it. And there is a reason why you want to learn the benefits of “simply being” with your horse.

Behind the scenes of this “non-activity” there is a very, very active transformation happening. Not just the transformation of your relationship with the horse, but the knowledge you gain –jewels if you will – that you can take back and apply to the human world in which we live. Yes, sharing and living in a community with horses can show you the way to find harmony with your human family too. This is especially important if you – like me – sometimes feel you don’t fit in.

Spending time in nature with my horses has allowed me to live life at a different pace than I normally would. I notice their rhythm in breathing and feel the medicine of just being in their presence. That simple experience alone is healing.  I have received many, many messages from horses, but I consider their latest message one that is too good not to share. It’s for everyone who loves horses and people. Here it is: “Learn from us how to live in harmony.” 

Herds have their squabbles, yet they learn to settle them pretty quickly. Unlike humans, horses don’t let tension build and then suddenly explode in an effort to be heard. With horses, once a kick, bite and a hard chase is expressed, harmony returns to the group. Horses wisely put space between themselves when a bond is not shared. Right there is a free tool we can use in our own lives. My herd happened through my own selection versus the natural selection that would happen in nature, and through the process of creating their pecking order, each horse had to be able to rely on the basic instincts of every other member of the herd to both live in harmony and in safety. Their survival in the wild would depend on it. 

When I look at the basic nature of us as humans, our basic nature is not far off from that of horses, which is that we are able to – and we want to -- live in community. Those instincts that pull horses and humans together are what we teach here at True Connection Horse Academy. Once you learn those basic instincts, then you can begin to connect simply by having the desire and willingness to do it. When you can just take the time to simply be with your horse for no other reason than the fact that you want his company, that is immensely satisfying. It shifts a new paradigm in the way you connect and communicate with your horse. And this is the foundation upon which we build a true connection. 

I am committed to bringing this knowledge to you through my online Academy so that you may begin a connection and relationship with your horse you never dreamed possible. And to give you your voice and to help you stand up in a world where you may not necessarily feel you belong. It is the horse who has given me that voice and has asked me to teach that message.

Communication, connection, community. Three little words with big impact. You must be able to communicate effectively (with humans and horses) before you can connect. Once you connect, you can begin to build your community. Horses have been doing this for a very long time. We turn to them as the experts and they are happy to teach us. 

To sum things up, the one word horses really want us to pay attention to and learn is: harmony. Harmony with them, with ourselves, with others. There is too much chaos and anguish in our world. Enough is enough. No more harm.

No more harm 😌


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