The Dialogue

The Dialogue

Shadow is a horse with which I share a special connection.  Before he came into my life, Shadow was very loved and as such developed a capacity for strong human bonds.  This past year, Shadow has endured a rough period filled with several health issues.  Even though I am on top of his care,  I thought it might be premature to expect a lot out of our recent communication session but he proved me wrong.  The generosity of heart that Shadow and his mother have shown in my life has been transformational for me.   Due to the journey this mother-son duo have put me on, as I go forward in my work I am focusing on the messages the animals are sharing with me and how we as their guardians have an effect on them.  The process is a dialogue not a monologue.  

The video below is called "The Dialogue".  I put it together to demonstrate the magic and wonder horses are capable of communicating.  Horses are animals with a tremendous generosity of heart.  In my program True Connection, I was filming “my dialogue” with Shadow when he clearly communicated he did not share the same desire to dance (which is what I wanted).  When I communicated with him,  he asked for  “grooming” .  I was glad that I had my grooming gloves with me. Throughout  the next 30-45 minutes, beautiful things took place in our dialogue and I would like to share it with you.  Horses are master communicators when we put ourselves in a place to hear them.  We can all "speak horse"  through the vibration of connection.  The beauty of dialogue is that it yields the generosity of the horse.

If you desire to learn how to dialogue with horses I would encourage you to consider joining one of my clinics or joining Liberty Horse Academy. In this video “The Dialogue” you will learn of the communication and connection in an upcoming course that will be available in the Academy. This course will teach you the art of connection through dialoging with your horse.

It’s been wonderful dialoging with all of my readers and students and I would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting my work with horses.

Dance in Light,


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