HOW CONNECTED ARE YOU WITH YOUR HORSE? This may surprise you.....

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In the animal kingdom, I don't think there is any other animal so willing to connect with us as is the horse.  Their size, power, and compliant nature make horses great animal friends to have. I consider each horse of mine to be a family member and horses I come into contact with as brothers and sisters. I feel connected to all animals.

For nearly 10 months, Shadow (the horse I have shared the closest connection with) has opened my heart and eyes to just how close we are connected.  My long time friend (Stef Mills) who is  Shadow’s kinesiologist enlightened me to the energetic blockages she picked up from Shadow. Stef is familiar with Animal Communication as well.  We have often shared stories of what is going on not just with Shadow and with me also.  We compared notes with what other energy therapists picked up on concerning how Shadow and I mirror each other’s energy.  This analysis of our energy fields revealed that Shadow couldn't seem to go 1 step forward without going 2 steps back with his health.  When I looked deeply at how Shadow and I mirrored each other’s energy blockages and physical disorders, I began to understand how much our animals (not just our horses) are highly connected to us and will mirror our energetic bodies.  

I am happy to report that this knowledge came with a paradigm shift as I realized just how connected our animals really are to us.  Since then, I have liberated my leadership in the arena to allow my horse to guide me in his dance so that I can ask him to guide me in learning what he wants me to do.  Together we act like children who play creatively with one another. 

Here is a short segment from one of our classroom times together.  It's clear that Shadow loves playing and having the freedom to express himself.  He has certainly missed his time in the arena.  Furthermore, he is thrilled to have a voice (or should I say step) in how he wants to teach me.  

Ahhhh the bliss of being connected with horses!!!

Keep shining everyone!

Linda & The Herd of 8

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