Last week, I introduced my new program “True Connection”.   I would like to thank each and every one of you for your loving support as I move forward in my new venture.   Throughout my entire life, I have always felt a connection to all things in nature.  Even during my childhood, I felt a true connection with animals, plants, minerals, and other kingdoms that exist.  The search for connection is the fuel that drives me until this very day.  My quest has brought me great joy along with some painful moments as well.  Ultimately, I have learned that nature has many valuable lessons for us all.   

My journey with horses is a very personal one.  It was through my relationships with these noble and majestic creatures that I came to understand True Connection.  My connection with horses has birthed many discoveries which I whole-heartedly want to explain, share, and teach.  However, True Connection must be felt.  Connection can happen during the unfolding of any passing moment.  It involves a "knowing" within yourself that you have the power to shift the direction of your life.  The knowledge that I share with my fellow horse lovers comes in part from the horse.  The rest comes from insights I have achieved upon seeing myself as reflected through the lens of my horse. 

The quality that I most love about animals (especially horses) and children is their innocence.  Witnessing their innocence brings forth a great joy within my soul.  All of our souls are   masterpieces of a brilliant Creator.  This Creator obviously loves horses and knows that I do as well.  We have all heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, yet as we inhabit our physical bodies, it is impossible to fathom the sheer brilliance of our souls.  As we become more self-aware, however, we can see glimpses of our souls through the eyes of others.  I have clearly seen a view of my own soul through the lenses (eyes) of horses.  As I opened my heart to experience True Connection with my horses, I realized that I could once again connect with my own child-like innocence which is the best part of me.  I am able to feel my soul's beauty which enlivens my spirit.  I could never have had such a profound experience without the lens of a horse. 

Our beauty and likeness with the world is a power each of us holds within.  It is what initiates the direction we go in life.   As I set out upon my new journey, I want to lead others to the True Connection that horses have shown me.   The messages that I write, speak, and record have value because they come from horses, my soul, and the force that runs through all of life.  First and foremost, True Connection involves coming full-circle with yourself and allowing the connection you share with horses to move you in the direction to which you are drawn.  I now fully understand that anything I do unto others, I do to myself as well.   

It really does matter how you sing your signature song.  After all, you are writing it each and every day.  I’m writing mine based on what I have learned about connection.  We are all uniquely, beautiful individuals who have the power to influence our community of life.  I feel a responsibility to influence this community to the best of my ability.  I am here to share my insights with others who desire to learn more about True Connection from the horses.  I don’t know of any better way to experience the sacredness of life than to see it through the eyes of a horse.  Horses don’t lie and they are uniquely capable of showing us the truth about life and about ourselves.    

I hope you have a fabulous week!  Are you interested in discovering True Connection with yourself and horses?  If you would like to receive free video lessons of my new program until the official launch date, click below.  You will receive your weekly lesson on Thursdays.  

Through the force that connects the web of life, 

Linda & The Herd

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