***ANNOUNCEMENT! My new program "TRUE CONNECTION" Coming soon....


 I have always been drawn to horses because they assist me in sorting out life's mysteries.  Furthermore, I have made it my mission to help horses figure things out too as we refine our approaches and responses to life's challenges.  I kneel to my master (the horse) as I make this public announcement that I am now embarking upon a new personal journey.  

My journey actually began long ago on March 24, 1957 which was the date of my birth.  As you may already suspect, I was born with the “ I love horses gene”.  Many of you horse lovers may have this gene as well.  From the first time that I laid eyes on a horse, this gene mutated and multiplied.  There was no cure and horses quickly consumed my life.  Through my love of horses, I have grown as a person, trainer, and teacher.  

Years ago, I saw a video of a horse named Panadero dancing with Carolyn Resnick.  Watching Carolyn's connection with this horse and seeing the connection that Panadero had with her was life-changing for me.  I spent many years studying with Carolyn and traveling the globe to teach her method (The Waterhole Rituals).  This was a glorious time in my life and I grew exponentially from the connections that I shared with each and every horse that I had the pleasure of working with.  

Several years ago, my precious horse Gramsey broke her P2 bone (ankle) so badly that surgery was not an option.  Upon consulting numerous talented veterinarians, the consensus was that euthanasia was the only answer for this potentially fatal injury.  Gramsey's traumatic injury served as a catalyst which allowed me to reconnect with my own telepathic abilities.  My skills in telepathy became laser fast, clear, and accurate.  Then, something very odd happened.  I noticed that my body language and communication skills began to merge.  I felt a true connection with my own herd of horses and became more connected to myself as well.  Fast forwarding to today, I have become a certified, professional Animal Communicator.  As for Gramsey, well... her success story continues to this day.  She is still bossing me around and has earned a new name in the process.  I now lovingly refer to her as "Her Majesty”.   

I have now reached a new juncture in life.  My journey has led me full circle from my master's teachings into the development of my own method of training.  I am cultivating my own method of expression which I would like to share with you.  I have chosen to name this new method "True Connection".  I feel that the name " True Connection" exemplifies what I am experiencing as I venture into walking solo on my journey with horses while enhancing my ability to teach others the lessons that I am currently learning.    

This briefly summarizes my life story to date.  My journey toward connection continues to move  full speed ahead as I hear the calls of oh-so many horses that desire to be heard.  I can teach you to communicate with your horses in the language that they naturally speak and understand so that you may also experience True Connection.  My new program will provide you with the opportunity to develop a deeper connection with horses and to reconnect with yourself as well.

  True Connection will launch online just a few months from now with a target date of June 2018.  If you would like to receive a FREE weekly lesson of True Connection until the official launch date:  

 After the launch of True Connection,  I will begin developing a certification program for those of you who are ready to begin the personal journey of connection with horses and for those who may aspire to teach in the future as well. 

Currently, my life is busier and better than ever!  Change is always challenging especially as I start to channel all my time and energy into my new program.  I am very excited about the launch of True Connection.  As the saying goes,  I definitely feel that “My time has come”.  My horses and I hope to see you soon!



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