First, let's define single-minded consciousness.  Reduced to its simplest terms, a single-minded consciousness means that you and your horse(s) think alike.  When thinking alike, you can communicate and move together as a herd.  You think left and your horse goes left is a sample of sharing a one minded consciousness.  We can share a single-minded consciousness with anyone or anything if we are willing to "go there".  It stems from getting in touch with yourself and being engaged with the subject that you want to learn about. 

When I spend time with my horses and feel a deep connection, I know that we are like-minded.  We experience a shared attitude that we are present and open to learning from one another.  Disagreements are merely signs that we are not thinking alike and that we need to pay attention to lessons that need to be learned.  

When I am in this frame of mind, I experience the joy and love that can be shared with another human or animal.  It makes me feel alive and connected.  This like-minded or one-minded consciousness is our most valuable asset because it is rooted in love.  It is a love for ourselves and for one another.  When you experience this unity of minds, a new creation is formed.  I can think of nothing better in life than co-creation with another sentient being.

Allow me to help you embark on the journey of sharing a one-minded consciousness with horses in one of my clinics this year. 

North Carolina - May 5-7

England - June 2-4

Pennsylvania - July 14-16

Return To Freedom - August 4-6

England - September 1-3

North Carolina - October 6-8


In a world that sometimes seems divided, let's follow the lead of horses that are masters of harmony to find a new way of thinking, feeling, and being.  Not only will you experience creation anew,  you will discover the best of who you are.  

We hope you have a great rest of the week!

Linda and the herd of 8

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