Training my horses at liberty affords them the luxury to express what they want to do (or not).  Several months ago, I was working on the Spanish Walk with my horse Shadow and he was clearly saying, " I don’t want to do this".  Persistence on my part would have only led to a fight and would have broken the connection and communication that we share.  I simply allowed my horse to have a say-so in the matter and changed the subject to something he did like and therefore did want to do.  

I can’t count the number of times I hear people describe their horses as being stubborn.  This description tells more to me about the trainer than about the horse.  Negative energy is not conducive to a relationship based on connection.  If you expect resistance from your horse, he will certainly meet your expectation.  

What if I were to tell you to change the subject with your horse and to do something that he enjoys?  Could you trust that this would increase your bond and deepen the relationship that you share?  Not only will changing the subject increase your bond and connection, it will allow you to gain your horse's trust because you are communicating that you won’t make him do something that he doesn’t want to do.  

Previously when Shadow was in the arena he said "no" to the Spanish walk.  After takingseveral months off, Shadow started our recent play session with the Spanish Walk (without me even asking for it).  Liberty training allows your horse the freedom of choice.  What is the result, you ask?  Just ask Shadow.  His personality shines forth like the brightest of beacons.  Are you and your horses ready to shine as well?  

Hope you have a great week!

Linda and the herd of 8

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