The ability to bond is an inherent characteristic woven into a horse's basic nature.  We see this bond when we look at horses in a pasture.  Although the horses are free to move about separately, they tend to stick together.  A horse may demonstrate extreme displeasure when a pasture mate is taken out of sight.  

The ability of horses to bond and to develop close family ties with one another is often given little consideration by people.  We conduct wild horse rounds ups.  We sell horses effectively separating them from the horses they are accustomed to living with.  We auction horses not knowing if there will be friends for them to bond with at their new homes.  Due to our own self-interest, we can overlook the basic needs of horses; yet their nature to bond remains.    

 Horses and humans are very much alike in their ability to form close bonds.  We all crave connection but sometimes we humans "miss the boat".  Horses have many pearls of wisdom to share with us. The bonds that form between horses and humans can yield magical relationships.  Communing with horses and listening to them can open our eyes to our own true nature and likeness with them.  As we become more aware of these similarities, we are more likely to respect and revere horses as the sacred beings that they always prove to be! 

Keep shining, 

Linda & The Herd 



Linda SalinasComment