As a mother, I knew when my children were sick even before they complained about how they were feeling.  Also, I knew when my children were NOT sick even though they complained about not feeling well.  I realized that my children sometimes used the excuse of being sick when all they really wanted was some extra emotional comfort.  This knowledge came from a knowing of my own feelings and from the bond/love I shared with my children.  

Knowing what to do with your horse results from the same type of bond and connection. You "KNOW" your horse so well that words are not necessary.  This intimate bond that you share with your horse surpasses verbal language and elevates you to a level of communication in which your thoughts and feelings are transmitted nonverbally.  I refer to this connection as working with "inspiration" in the moment.  

Life is a dance and horses certainly make wonderful dance partners.  Dancing with your horse can't be accomplished using a set of methodical instructions that progress from step 1, to step 2, to step 3, etc.  That type of training lacks emotion and relationship.  Dancing with your horse comes from the KNOWING that grows from your relationship and familiarity with one another.  When to lead, when to follow, and when to pause is the communication that flows between you and your horse under the guidance of inspiration and from being fully present.  What a dance you create when you connect with your horse this way! 

During 2017,  I will be traveling and hosting clinics so that your dance with horses may begin.  I will kick off this year with a new clinic (The Centaur Connection) in Costa Rica.  Visit www.LindaJsalinas.com for details.   In this clinic,  you will learn to trust "the art of knowing" while experiencing present moment awareness and inspiration.  

Let the dance begin,


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