As I travel down the rabbit hole with horses, the word "evolving" seems to explain what is happening more so than the word "training".  In actuality, I question WHO is being trained, me or the horses?  Being in the company of horses tends to heighten our sensitivity so that we may all become more evolved.  As you and your horse connect as one, you experience what is called The Centaur Connection.  When connected, communication flows back and forth along a two-way street.  For me, this communication with my horses has helped our relationships to progress from ordinary to extraordinary.  We look at our mistakes as simply being "mis-takes" in our timing.  Our differences are opportunities for learning and our likenesses allow us to grow more connected than I could possibly imagine.

Horses can bring out the best in people.  They are masters of communication that assist in our evolution if we simply open our hearts.  People can provide opportunities for growth as well.  Realization of the role we play in disharmony with others is the first step toward enlightenment.  When we stop expecting others (horses or humans) to change and find the courage to look within, we evolve naturally and continue on our spiritual paths. 

Although it may be presented to you in different packages, when the same thing happens over and over again, I can assure you that there is a lesson to be learned.  It might be time to jump off of that hamster wheel to try a different approach!  If we are open to lessons from horses, they always gift us with lessons in humanity.  

I'm still licking and chewing, 


Linda Salinas2 Comments