I was not a good student in school and was often quite rebellious.  My mother sent my four siblings to school without receiving telephone calls from teachers but once I entered school, the phone rang off the hook!!!  Upon discovering that my true calling in life is teaching, I find my behavior as a child to be quite comical.  My teachers had a great impact on my personal style of teaching as they provided many examples of what DIDN'T work for me.  

Now horses are my guides, leaders, and teachers.  They have taught me that inspiration, motivation, and empowerment produce outstanding results for most students (both horse and human).  Once we are open to expression and communication from the horse concerning how he wants to be taught and handled and we are receptive to what he wants to learn, we discover the secret door to the horse's heart.   This is the reason that I only teach horses at liberty.  Without this freedom of expression, you simply can't "read" your horse's feelings any more than my teachers could read my feelings with their way of teaching.  Your horse's behavior has as much to say about you as it does about your horse.  Is your horse just being obedient because that is the path of least resistance for him or do you have a true connection?  Connection with a horse ensures that he can express himself in all matters.  

In a world that seems lost to domination, submission, and oppression there truly is a new light shining.  Take off the tack and see where your horse goes.  If he walks away from you, follow him. He has much to teach you and is leading you to greener pastures.   If he stays by your side, stand by his guidance.  You'll find no better teacher than the horse! 

Be the light for ALL that your horse  enlightens you to be

Keep shining, 



Linda Salinas1 Comment