Due to horses innate desire to bond, it takes very little effort on our part to form a strong bond with our horses.  You might be surprised at how "little" you need to do.  Would you like to know the secret?  SHARE TERRITORY.  Yes, that's right!  Just simply BE with your horse in a non-active manner.  "Hanging out" with your horse allows you to forge a bond that can defy imagination.  As you enter your horse's world, you learn to speak his language.  The next time you look at horses in a pasture, take a few moments to notice what they are doing.  THEY ARE SHARING TERRITORY.  Although it may look like they are just grazing, you can rest assured that they are bonding.  We simply need to join them in THEIR world to become one with the herd.  We are all students of life and horses are incredibly insightful teachers.  Experiencing the unity and harmony reflected by horses can and will restore you to your true nature.  

Obviously, any successful relationship requires a bit of TLC from time to time.  No one can do this work for us.  A trainer simply cannot improve your relationship with your horse; only YOU can do that.  When you attend clinics and consult trainers, you learn customized methods and you do become more familiar with horse behavior in general but only YOU can create that special relationship with your horse.  Just simply "showing up" can make all the difference in the connection you share.  Although in modern society, we are no longer dependent on horses for physical transportation, they still continue to transport us mentally, spiritually, and emotionally every day of our lives.  

An example of horses sharing territory with one another    Photo taken at Return To Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary & Preservation

An example of horses sharing territory with one another    Photo taken at Return To Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary & Preservation

During 2016, I invite you to attend one of my clinics (check my website for dates and locations).  Throughout each clinic, interactions with horses occur naturally without the use of tack, force, or restraint.  We strive to create a comfortable environment in which our horse companions are always free to move away from our influence if needed.  You will learn rituals that foster a better relationship with your horse and develop the foundation for a lasting bond. The information that is presented is certain to empower both you and your horse.  Your horse is ready for the journey....are you?  You can begin the journey now by simply sharing territory with your horse and watching your bond grow.  

Have a great rest of the week. 


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