Return To Freedom Wild Horse Sancturary

When I first thought of the word "sanctuary" I thought of a serene oasis, a haven.  The word alone enticed me to visit such a place.  I never expected the variety of emotions that I would experience upon visiting Return To Freedom, which is a wild horse sanctuary located in Lompoc, CA.  In our every day lives, we don’t normally consider why we need sanctuaries nor do we think of the difficulties involved in creating and maintaining a sanctuary, especially one for wild horses.

When I visited Return To Freedom for the first time I was puzzled by the conflicting emotionsthat were churning inside me.  I felt a sense of uneasiness that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.   I was literally overwhelmed by the multitude of reasons that we need wild horse sanctuaries and by the difficult conditions faced by our remaining wild horses. 

Sanctuaries exist because there is a need for them.  To put it mildly, our wild horses are in crisis.  They are constantly threatened by the worst predator of all; mankind.  The harsh reality that our wild horses are starving to death on public lands is difficult to comprehend and fathom and I share this thought with many others.  Wild horses don’t generate income; thus they are no longer valued.  These horses are rounded up by the hundreds and kept in holding areas.  For many it is for the rest of their lives.   They are no longer with their families and they aren't allowed to roam freely.   

In the Chinese language, a translation of the word "crisis" means opportunity.  As a lifelong lover of the horse, I appeal to you take the opportunity to support Return to Freedom.  At this sanctuary,  families of horses remain together and many are able to roam freely, just as they do in the wild.  In an effort to support the important work of Return To Freedom, I am hosting a clinic at their location to raise both funding and awareness for the plight of our wild horses.  I would love to see you at this clinic in May.  If you are unable to attend but still would like to help, please click on the the link to support Return To Freedom with a “Text $10.00 donation”.

  (Charges will appear on your wireless bill)  

All horses (especially our wild horses) are sacred beings and they deserve our support.  Every dollar does matter.  Return to Freedom thanks you for your interest and I thank you as well.  Horses have always supported us.  It is now time for us to support them as well.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Linda and the herd

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