I have come to the conclusion that the spoken word cannot adequately describe the joy and meaning gained from having a horse in your life.  To this day, I have never heard a description of this interaction that truly does it justice.  For me, relating to horses integrates my mind, body, and spirit causing me to feel vibrant and alive.  I simply love the pleasure of their company. 

People frequently ask if they can audit my clinics.  I always politely explain that I don't accept auditors due to one simple fact; You can't audit an experience.  The Waterhole Rituals weren't created to be a tool for demonstrating horsemanship techniques.  The purpose of the Waterhole Rituals is to allow us to genuinely connect with horses and personally experience meaningful relationships with them.  The rituals allow us to speak the silent language that horses share amongst themselves. The goal that I strive for with horses is never one of performance but instead is one of connection.  When I spend time with my horses, I strive to "show up" in mind, body, and soul as I endeavor to build a deeper relationship with each of these unique individuals.  As we bond, I find that my horses are willing dance partners who innately understand when to lead, when to follow, when to pause and when to stop.  In my book, horsesare a delightful experience which is second to none!

The Waterhole Rituals were created by Carolyn Resnick based upon observations andexperiences she had with a band of wild horses as a young girl.  Amazingly, Carolyn was able to develop such a strong bond with the lead mare that she actually sought out Carolyn and invited her to ride on her back.  This incredibly powerful experience resulted from the deep connection they forged with The Waterhole Rituals.  

This year, during the month of May (20th to 22nd) I will be teaching a Waterhole Ritual Clinic at RETURN TO FREEDOM (a wild horse sanctuary which is located in Lompoc, California).  The clinic will promote awareness of our wild horse populations and assist in raising much needed funds for Return To Freedom.  For more information about the upcoming clinic visit:

Come and join us, won't you?  Spaces for this incredible opportunity are limited, so make your reservations early.  Hope to see you there!


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