We all have opinions about the characteristics needed to develop a good relationship with someone, but what if that someone is an animal (a horse or dog perhaps)?  What are the guidelines for building a good relationship with them?  Where are all the horse psychotherapists and dog psychiatrists when you need them?  In actuality, animals don't need these "experts" because they unfailingly trust their own innate wisdom.

When my horse Gramsey broke her leg, it was easier to listen to the opinions of "the experts" than it was to reflect upon my own inner knowing.  Yet when it came right down to it, I was the expert in deciding what to do for MY horse.  When I felt as though I was at my wits end concerning how to help Gramsey, she provided the answer.  I merely had to listen.  She communicated everything she needed me to hear.  I had to learn to trust my horse and more importantly, I had to learn to trust myself. 

Strangely, most of us find that trusting ourselves is much harder than trusting an expert (human or horse) for that matter.  There is no school to teach self-trust in this world where it can seem that people strive to prove how right they are, while the rest of us are clearly wrong if we don't agree with them.  Gramsey recovered from her horrific injury and she is alive and well today!  Although, I hope we never go through anything like that again, the experience proved to be transformational for us both.    


I now understand that there is strength in vulnerability.  I also realize that we already know everything we need to know.  All is within. There is no mystery to having a good relationship.  The secret is for all participants to just simply “show up”.   Being present, acknowledging vulnerability, and embracing uncertainty can work miracles in your life.  I know it has in mine. Always remember the horses, however, because without them we'll never get where we are going!  

Have a great rest of the week, 


Linda SalinasComment