My farm in North Carolina

My farm in North Carolina

Happy 2016 to all of you!  Exciting opportunities come with the birth of a new year and a plethora of new beginnings are on the horizon! 

I am excited to announce I will be offering 3-5 day private intensive clinics at my farm located in North Carolina.  These private intensives are designed to discover the person you were born to be while being in the company and training of horses.  The private intensive clinics are customized and created to discover the authentic YOU and unveil your true potential.  

Private intensives are retreats of discovery.   Take for example one of my clients, a Pediatrician who practices integrative medicine and works with children from a holistic perspective.   At her 3 day clinic she was awed by the healing properties of horses and being in nature.   From the insights and knowledge she gained during her private intensive, this client now incorporates  both horses and nature as a whole into her work as a Pediatrician as part of her patient's healing.   Through the realization of her own unique calling, she can promote the healing of her clients as well.  

Whether you are an equine novice or an equine professional,  I can empower you to ignite your own true path.  If you so desire, you can develop your own unique business around your love of horses while others may be more interested in a journey of self-discovery.  It is a leap year, so what better time to take a leap of faith!  Together we can create a safe space for you to explore your unlimited potential.  Allow me the opportunity to to find the "I'm possible" in what you once believed was "impossible".   2016 might just be the special year in which you uncover your heart's desire while meeting the person you were born to be.  

Join me in toasting 2016.    Bottoms up !!!!


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