Photo taken while visiting Return To Freedom 

                             Photo taken while visiting Return To Freedom 

What an amazing week I just experienced with Carolyn Resnick as we shared territory in California.  Our days and nights, (late nights I might add))  were filled with chats full of laughter, great conversation, story telling, and intimate moments that spring forth from the connection and relationship we share when we are with one another.  Carolyn has mentored me to seek this deep connection with horses using the method that she developed with wild horses.    We traveled to the wild horse sanctuary Return To Freedom where we observed and played with the wild horses.  It was beyond anything I had ever experienced in my career with horses.  My knowledge of the Waterhole Rituals as well as the horses was magnified to a deeper awareness, appreciation, and richness.   I fell more in love with the horses and the rituals with each moment I shared in their company.  

For those who may not know, "The Waterhole Rituals" were created from Carolyn's experience of  living with wild horses as a young teenager.    The name originated from observing the drinking order in which a band of wild horses arrives at a waterhole,   A natural reflection of each horse's place in the herd.  

The sensitivity and vibration of these majestic animals was powerful and yet I sensed how vulnerable their existence remains.   I was saddened to learn that in only one century the population of wild horses has decreased from two million to 32,000.  Horses running wild on public lands are constantly threatened.  An exception to this is the approximately 300 wild horses under the care of Return To Freedom (thanks to Neda De Mayo) who offers them safety and security.

I am excited to announce that I will be traveling to California in May of next year to give a clinic at RETURN TO FREEDOM (May 20-22, 2016) to assist in raising funds and awareness for the wild horses.   No tack, restraint, force or round pens will be used.  The Waterhole Rituals ensure that horses have freedom of expression. Only at liberty can we keep the integrity of the horse. More details to follow soon...... 


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