When I was a little girl, simply interacting with horses was not enough for me. I actually wanted to BE a horse! As I wore my tricot nightgown and housecoat, I would expertly tie the housecoat to look like a horse's tail and off I would go. Throughout my childhood I didn't merely walk, I trotted. In my mind I was a horse, delighting as I felt my feet hitting the ground at a canter. As I pranced about in my child-like reverie, I felt free. To this day, I still wish that all four-legged horses could have the opportunity to experience that freedom as well.

Horses are capable of reading the intentions of other members of their herd. They read the intentions of people as well. I take great care to ensure that I clearly state my intentions when I am in the company of these sensitive beings. That being said, horses will waste no time in figuring out how genuine (or not) you really are.

Despite the fact that I am no longer a child, I still would like to be a horse. The harmony that horses share is something that I wish every human being could experience. Horses are comfortable with simply being together in a non-active state. They have a natural ability to live in the moment. Simply being in the presence of horses will change who you are. In last week's blog, I mentioned that horses know the secrets of teaching. I truly believe that with all my heart. Being in communion with horses opens the doorway for us to learn those secrets as well.

I recently received a telephone call from a friend who has attended at least five (if not more) of my clinics. This friend is a pediatrician who works in the Charlotte area. The purpose of her call was to affirm the message she was receiving from her own intuition. She has decided to pursue a practice with patients and their families involving horses. This didn't surprise me in the least!
I know that she has spent countless hours in communion with her own horse. She understands that these majestic creatures are incredibly powerful yet have the ability to teach us in an exceptionally subtle manner. My friend knows that her patients can benefit from horse wisdom. Thus, her professional practice will take a new approach and her patients will receive the expertise of a powerful team.

My friend's story provides a great example of how our lives can and do change in the presence of horses. Communion with horses might just lead YOU in the discovery of YOUR life’s direction as well. In reference to the word "communion", I mean "an interchange or sharing of thoughts or emotions: intimate communication. The act of sharing or holding in common: participation. The state of things so held." The development of your unique charisms shared in communion with horses is truly a recipe for MAGIC.

Have a great rest of the week and LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!


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