Till Death Do Us Part

Statistics show that around 50% of humans remain monogamous.  In the Animal Kingdom, nearly 90% of birds are monogamous.  Swans take a mate for life and are often represented in photos, such as the one above, as two beings which unite to form the perfect heart.  Humans who marry do so with the hope of it lasting forever.  Evidently, some animals do too! 

Maybe you already knew, but I was very surprised to learn that termites are monogamous.  Termites have their own monarchy for sure.  A female (queen) finds a mate (king) and together they give birth to an entire kingdom.  Sounds a bit like the Brits to me!


Of all the animals that mate for life, gibbons most resemble mankind.  The bond that they share with one another is remarkable.  They can often be found grooming each other or just hanging out together in the trees.  Barn owls mate for life also.  


You won’t find a French angelfish traveling alone.  These creatures live together and their relationships last a lifetime. Other species which mate for life include: albatrosses, prairie voles, eagles, shingleback skinks, penguins, Canadian geese, doves, schistosoma mansoni worms, black vultures, and of course lovebirds!

Nature provides many examples of how animals and humans share the same behaviors.  We humans think that we are the smartest of all, but we can learn a lot from the examples which are set on a daily basis by our furry and feathered friends. 


Have a great rest of the week!

Linda SalinasComment