B E L L A !!

B E L L A !!

Each horse I have entered into the classroom with has enriched my knowledge of life.  Horses are healers, teachers, and guides in our own unique personal journeys.  My experiences with horses have gifted me with the strength to shed my thick skin and learn to "flow" with the forces that my horse and I create in the present moment.  No horse has been better at teaching me about “dancing with the force” than Bella.  My journey with Bella has been colorful to say the least.  I find her to be a challenging teacher and I'm sure she considers me to be a challenging student as well.  Despite our differences, we stay the course as we persevere toward True Connection.    

Once you have developed an understanding of the nature and language of horses, you may be ready to dance with your horse.  I refer to this type of dancing as “creative play” with your horse.  Ultimately, you may even find your “signature dance”.  This is the dance that no one else—only the two of you- can dance together.  I can only describe it as "the experience of connection in motion".  In the video below, you will see Bella and me in our very first dance - less than 2 minutes into our “creative play” session. 

Bella and I are free.  Liberty training means being free for humans as well as horses.  When we feel free to play with our horses, a magical process unfolds.  The natural forces of nature come together as creativity in motion is unleashed.  Since I can't quite find the words to adequately describe the experience, I made a video so you can see what it looks like when the invisible forces of creation are expressed in a dance.  It's more than horse whispering.  It is a process of speaking through energetic influences and becoming "louder" if either of us need to.  Connection through dance is a primal experience through which self-expression is acceptable for horses and humans alike.  Bella puts on quite a show and remember that this is only day 1!  OH MY GOODNESS is all that I can say!   I hope you enjoy the video.

Dance in Joy, 


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