In my early days of working with horses,  I consulted various clinicians and attended numerous clinics to quench my thirst for knowledge.  This search took me on a long and circuitous journey.  My quest took me deep inside myself; through the murkiness of uncertainty and into the darkness of places within myself that I really didn’t want to examine.  Sometimes, "knowledgeable" clinicians tried to convince me that my horses needed to be treated in a certain way, even though it made me wince to watch them.  I was unsure of myself so I did not speak up for my horses.  Although alarm bells were sounding, I overrode my feelings of discomfort and listened to the "experts", yet I intuitively knew that my horses were sometimes afraid, unfocused, or unwilling to participate in what they was being asked to do. 

Over the years, I became less concerned with the things that others had to say.  I began to understand the importance of simply spending time with my horses.  Sitting and being with my horses was similar to the opening of a Pandora’s box.  The treasures that sprang forth were both endless and timeless.  After spending hundreds of hours with my horses, for no reason other than for the enjoyment of being in their presence, I experienced a transformation.  I gradually became aware of what I looked like in my horses' eyes.  My horses didn't want to punish or scold me for not speaking up for them; they simply didn't feel that we were connected.  As I became open to the guidance and teaching that horses had to offer, I saw that I had not only been hesitant to speak up for my horses, but for myself as well.   

Horses certainly have brought me full circle.  They led me from dark times into the light of day.  As I currently listen to horses, they let me know the techniques that they are receptive to and the manner in which they want to learn.  I continue to benefit from their guidance each and every day.  You might even say that horses have taught me how to teach!  

Horses are always right.  Long ago, I wasn’t ready to stand up for them.  My, how things have changed!  I am certainly quite willing and capable of speaking up for them now!  All animals deserve to be heard.  Horses fascinate me because they have an innate acceptance and understanding of the value of communication. Take stallions for instance.  They teach us the value of harmony along with the readiness to fight for what really matters. Horses have shown me that communication with love and integrity is a skill that we humans need to practice more often.

Horses communicate silently in a language that they universally speak and understand.  Although we humans have been endowed with the ability to communicate through the spoken word, few of us understand how to listen which is an integral part of communication.  We must first reconnect with ourselves to open the pathways of communication with all of life.  As we take proper action (while having the utmost respect for those we encounter along the way) we can advance in our journey toward harmony with others. 

Listening to your voice within is a precursor for connection.  What is your voice saying to you?  Loudly and clearly, I hear that I am a mouthpiece for the animals.  You can rest assured that from now on I will never miss an opportunity to speak up on their behalf.  Horses have taught me to be a better person and a more effective teacher as well.  I have even adapted my teaching methods to reflect the lessons that horses have so generously chosen to share with me.  Are you ready to experience a closer connection with your horses, loved ones and all of life?  My horses and I hope that you will join us this year at a clinic near you.  

Linda and the herd of 8 


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