As a young child I enjoyed going to horse shows, not as a competitor but as an enthusiastic member of the audience because I didn't have a horse.  Attending shows was the best way I could think of to be around horses.  Even then, I totally loved them.  It was at the local horse shows that I learned about the various styles of horseback riding such as Hunter/Jumper and English/Western.  I learned the colors of a Palomino and what a Buck-Skinned looked like.  I was a veritable sponge soaking up more and more knowledge about horses.  I always tried to pick which horse would be the winner but was wrong more times than right.  I usually picked the saddest looking horse in the ring.  It was my hope that he would win so that he wouldn't be "sad" anymore; such is the heart of a child.  

During my childhood, I loved to ride horses. They were my greatest pleasure.  Unfortunately as I grew older, I began to listen to humans instead of horses.  I did what people told me to do often at the expense of the horse. The people who were teaching me were reputable instructors so the feelings I had that a horse was not happy got squelched.  I felt a  "spell" had been cast over me and that I needed to listen to these "great" instructors who were known for their success with horses.  I didn't speak up because these people had greater control over me than I had of my own tongue.  For example, it seemed logical that if a horse ran through a bit, he just needed a harsher one.  Although the ways of the experts didn’t resonate with me, I didn't dare vocalize that their methods seemed wrong.  

When did all of this change, you ask?  For me, the shift occurred instantaneously when I reconnected with my innermost feelings.  I knew without a doubt that I could sense when my horse was not content.  As I began to trust the same feelings that guided me as a child, I realized that my horse's happiness mattered more to me than anything that others had to say.  

I’ll be turning 61 this year and can’t believe that I’m still "horsing around" while having a blast doing it!  Every day that I spend with my horses, I am thankful for the opportunity to explore my inner child.  Some days I still feel that I am a beginner with horses.  But this time around, I truly embrace the partnership that my horses are so ready and willing to provide.  

Would you like to reconnect with your inner child while allowing feelings to be your guide with horses?  Join me at a clinic this year and together we'll rediscover the energy we had as children.  I'll kick off this year in March at a Dancing with Horses Clinic in Costa Rica.  I truly can’t think of a better place to begin the journey of connection.    

It is only through connection that we can make changes for the better.  Our animals deserve for us to be excellent caregivers.  As we begin to feel what they feel, we make better choices for ourselves and for our horses as well.  All it takes is the mind of an adult and the heart of a child joined together in the same body.  Horses already know how to take us on this journey.  If you are among the brave of heart, my clinics undoubtedly provide the best possible setting to explore your own ideas, thoughts, and actions as you reconnect with the clarity of your child within. The horses are waiting and we hope you'll join us soon!

Here's to seeing you in 2018.

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