I just finished my clinic in the UK and returned to my farm in North Carolina yesterday afternoon.    In closing a clinic, I ask my students to sum up the experience using just 3 words.  Here are my three words for this clinic:  WOW, MIND BLOWING, AND REVEALING.  "Wow" because we were awed to actually experience the meaning of Mark Russell's words- “We have no idea how connected the horse is to us”  (not how connected we are to the horse).  "Mind Blowing" because it demonstrates how much the heart (not the mind) has to do with connection and "Revealing" because this is exactly what transpired when we integrated this new paradigm of thinking.

When you think about it, we as humans always want something from the horse.  We make demands on them yet we also seek connection.   Sometimes our wants and desires blind us to this realization.  Our England clinic was very unique and special because we were able to look through the lens of the horse and actually see the intensity of their desire to connect with us.  On our first day, I opened our clinic by giving credit to Mark Russell. He was a great horseman and I am honored that I was able to attend his clinics prior to his passing. I would like to share one of his videos with you now.

In our clinic, we listened to the horses first.   They revealed many insights and secrets to us.  For example, a lovely, intelligent mare came in and clearly expressed that she didn’t want her person to touch her.  The mare would walk away from her but would approach the people who were watching as she licked and chewed.  The mare did this 3 separate times.   She revealed that she wanted some essential oils that she had been smelling and had taken the day before.  Think about this.  The mare said, “don’t touch me” to a person who clearly loves her and takes great care of her.  Through freedom of expression, the mare was able to communicate her needs.  This first step in making a heart connection left us all in tears. 

A 14 year old stallion named Tommy showed us his connection to scents.  This was his way of connecting with other horses.  Tommy showed us that body language was a means by which humans could begin a connection with him.  Using a language he could understand, communication unfolded right in front of our eyes as he licked, chewed, yawned, and relaxed in our company and a connection was made.   Also there was our beloved Sonny, an adorable pony that has attended three UK clinics.  When Sonny first came to live with his human family, he shook with fright from a lack of trust due to past experiences.  Sonny now has an inseparable connection with his family.  Even when his pasture mate was taken out of the arena, he went easily to his human friend Stan, a precious 12 yr. old boy who clearly loves his horse.  

My friends, Mark Russell was so accurate when he said, we have no idea how connected the horse is to us.  We have stifled our vision of this truth with the false belief that the attraction comes from us.  In reality, it is the horse who is attracting us through the connection he feels to us once we align ourselves to this truth.  Once we grasp this concept, we will open a new paradigm for communication with the horse.  Only then can horse and human create the magic we shared at the UK clinic these last 3 days.  

Although Mark's untimely death was a terrible tragedy, his influence over our lives continues.  Death always bears fruit.  Mark is now on the other side, but we can still receive his guidance as we experience the joy of connection with our horses here on earth.  Thank you Mark!  I am thrilled that we can benefit from your wisdom and  hope that you enjoy watching the beauty of oneness that we all can share when we know it is the horse that is so intimately connected to us and not the other way around!!! ROCK!

Let your lights shine, 


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