As I began to study Animal Communication, one of the first things that I learned was that animals just want to be with us.  Over the years, I have heard this simple yet powerful statement from other people who hear messages from animals as well.  I'll add my 2 cents worth to this as I take it one step further.  My experiences with horses and other animals have led me to believe that we simply need to just "BE"  to hear the messages that the animals have for us.  This certainly gives new meaning to "The Art of Being".  

When people start learning simply how to BE, they can hear the message(s) that their horses have for them.  "Being" requires that you bring your awareness into the present time.  The more present and aware you can be, the easier it is to hear your horses.  In present moment awareness, we can fully align ourselves with the forces of nature.  

Do you find it difficult to just BE?  I have 2 more clinics in 2016 and they are both in North Carolina.  Allow me to take you down the rabbit hole where you will learn to BE with your horse so you can hear his message.  In these clinics, you will also learn about energy and body language to better communicate with your horse and develop a lasting connection.  Hope to see you there.  Money back guaranteed.  What do you have to lose?  

Have a wonderful rest of the week and keep shining. 


Linda SalinasComment