I have so much admiration for horses.  As you may know, they have survived for 50 million years.  As I have mentioned before, horses are the master communicators of the animal kingdom.  Communication is easy for horses because they keep it simple.  Communication is sometimes not so easy for humans because we get stuck in our heads and over-think the issue at hand.  Since horses are true masters of communication and survival, I often go to them to get clarity rather than asking for advice from people.  Without fail, when I invoke the horse as a guide, I always get clarity.  Here is one example that I will share with you.  

I had an argument with my husband and it was clear that my "hot button"  had been activated.  I didn't know the best way to proceed without adding more fuel to the fire so I went out and sat with the horses.  I knew that I needed clarity because I was so "caught up" in the problem.  I reached out to the horses and asked how they would handle the situation.  The horses promptly said, "Just ask".  I knew exactly what they meant.  I simply needed to " just ask" my husband to look at the situation and to consider it from my point of view.  When I had become rattled over the situation, I hadn't been able to think clearly.  By "taking it" to the horses, I was blessed with the benefit of their clear and simple guidance.  Once again, my husband and I were able to move forward based on the guidance of the horse.    

Inviting your horse to guide you in situations where clarity is needed will advance your own communication skills and bring clarity to the chaos of life.  These two small, yet powerful words, "just ask" may apply to your personal situation as well.  Just ask the horses.  They are always there to guide us if we will listen.

Now you can hear even more stories from people who have learned from the horse.  I have begun a new podcast called HORSE TALES in which I have conversations with other "horsey" people.  It is our goal to assist people in having a better understanding of their horses and in developing a greater awareness of themselves.  Please feel free to subscribe, listen, and share these podcasts with others.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  

Have a great rest of the week!!!