I have seen the following scenario time and time again.  A person buys a horse.  The horse is pushy so they call a trainer for help. The trainer puts the horse in a round pen.  The trainer is able to control the horse's feet within the confines of the round pen.  The horse listens and does what is expected since he is in a small enclosed setting.  He can't escape the influence of the trainer, thus he submits.  Although the people involved feel better about "their control", the horse becomes even more distrustful of people.  So much for relationship!  The only accomplishment in this case has been the transfer of fear from the human to the horse.  Fear tends to breed fear just as violence breeds violence.  Is this truly the approach people want to take?  I don't think so.  Although it may appear to work (from the human point of view), it fails to take what is best for the horse into consideration.  

I am happy to say that there is a growing awareness among people (especially among women it seems) who want more.  We don't want to operate from a fear-based mentality nor do we want our horses to fear us.  WE SEEK CONNECTION!  When there is a bond between a horse and a human, each can learn from the other.  Fear is not in the equation.  I applaud everyone who has "stepped out of the box" in their efforts to forge a genuine connection with their horse based on mutual trust and respect.

Horses are incredibly amazing teachers.  As a horse pushes you or violates your boundaries, he has no emotional attachment to what it is he is doing.  Humans on the other hand are emotionally offended by his "rude" behavior and feel compelled to correct the horse sometimes using force in the process.  Instead of simply reacting, we need to start thinking like a horse.   Could he be acting pushy because you haven't shown him that you have the self-confidence to say NO?  Sometimes a horse is like a mirror and may simply be reflecting what he sees within you.  Your horse's behavior can present you with endless opportunities to develop your own leadership skills. 

We all can get caught in the endless loop of doing the same thing over and over.  For those of you who have broken free to explore new alternatives of horsemanship, a genuine relationship with your horse awaits!  You and your horse can be free to express yourselves and discover each other naturally without the use of force.  Thank you to all of the horses and humans who have ventured "outside the box" to find the best part of themselves.  Take a moment to consider what your horse has been trying to teach you.  We all have much to gain by "thinking like a horse"! 

Linda & The Herd

Linda Salinas2 Comments