Horses are capable of bringing out the best in you as they have in me.  I feel inspired to share this intimate and private conversation so that you too may find the best part of yourself and feel at one with your herd. 

Linda:  “My Beloved Herd (BlackJack,  Sampson,  Kerry Dancer,  Elvis,  Nemo,   Gramsey, Shadow, and Bella)  The order in which I address you is the order in which you came into my life.  The first question you asked when we met was “Who are you?”.  My actions spoke for me because I didn’t know who I was, but through your teaching, wisdom, examples, and healing, you helped me discover myself.  For that, I am eternally grateful."

The HerdWho are you?  

Linda:  I am love and compassion. 

The Herd:   What makes you say this? 

 Linda:  The harmony and unity you teach has fostered a peace within me;  a peace I can no longer live without.  The cruelty of mankind's behavior toward animals, nature and fellow humans had robbed me of my peace but I now know how to respond to their actions.  

The Herd What is your response?

Linda:  I will send the best part of me, love and compassion.  

The HerdWe assure you that you have hidden anger inside of you.  How will you respond when it finds a crack and exposes itself? 

Linda: I will cross that bridge when I come to it.  I can't answer that because I don't know the future but you are great teachers.  I will do my best to seek harmony at every moment.  If I feel anger or should I fall in the moment, I will pause and reflect on the situation.  I know that by showing myself love and compassion and reminding myself of who I am, my peace will be restored.  I am grateful to each one of you. Through you I truly have found the best part of who I am.  

Together we lick, chew, yawn, blink, nod, shake; myself included.    

What will YOUR answer be when a horse asks who you are?

Sending love and compassion to all from the unity and harmony we share as one!

The herd.  

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