Connection Is Everything


I did not know the true meaning of connection until I started working with my horses.  The profound level of connection that I feel through my work with them has allowed me to live my life on a higher spiritual plane.  So how does one go about achieving such a connection?  You must focus on the connection you share with your horse in the present moment and just accept what the moment brings forth.  It springs from trusting your inner knowing of what is best for the relationship and giving up the expectation of a performance from your horse.  When I train my horse, he has a say in everything that we do.  In turn, I am focused on my horse, his willingness, and enjoyment of our time together.  

It does not matter if you are an employer, a teacher, a writer, an entertainer, or an animal trainer.  If you are not connected with your subject, your audience, and the people who support your work, you are missing the magic!  In my work with horses, connection is everything.  I don’t care if you can make horses jump through burning hoops.  If there is no connection, it is just a trick and merely an illusion of what connection is all about.

I once showed a video of two world champion dancers to Carolyn Resnick and I was surprised that she was not impressed by their performance.  I’ll never forget her words.  She said, “That’s just two dancers performing together and trying to look good.  It has nothing to do with connection.”  I watched the video closely as I reviewed it again.  I realized that you could watch one dancer or the other but could not watch both of them together because they truly weren’t connected.  Later that week, I watched Carolyn spontaneously dance with a horse and was moved to tears.  My reaction was sparked not by the dancing, but by their connection.  Once life is viewed through the lens of connection, everything changes.  


People who come to my clinics express a desire for connection.  When they work with my horses and actually feel a connection, they are truly moved by the experience.  By the end of the third day of the clinic, participants are connected to the horses and to each other as well.  Lasting friendships are made.  Connection is contagious.  

Life is all about the experiences that we share through connection.  From my experience the horse is capable of opening your heart to this deeper level of connection.  Life is more heart-felt, joyful, and rewarding with the understanding that you are connected to all living beings.  Life can be lived with the heightened awareness that YOU matter as does everything else.  

Thank you for remaining connected though my blog.

Have a great rest of the week.


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