Do Animals Go To Heaven ?

Most certainly, this is an area of popular debate.  People’s opinions concerning this subject stem from cultural, familial, and religious teachings along with personal experiences.  It’s a question that we have been asking for thousands of years.  As an Animal Communicator, perhaps I can help by providing details of my personal experiences with animals that have crossed the rainbow bridge.  In this blog, I will share one of my favorite stories with you.  It lends support to my belief that animals do indeed go to heaven. 


To receive my certification from The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication, I had to complete 60 case studies in the following categories: Physical Issues, Behavioral Issues, Lost Animals, and Death and Dying.   I appealed to my friends to provide photos of their furry friends so that I could complete my assignments.  My friend Mary gave me photos of several of her animals.  One photo was of her Leopard Appaloosa named Nakota.  Mary volunteered she had euthanized this beloved horse several years prior.  

In communicating with animals, I ask a lot of questions to assist people in validating the information that I receive.  I communicated with several of Mary’s animals and last but not least, I had a session with Nakota.   My final question to Nakota was if he had a message for Mary.  Unmistakably, I heard one heartbeat.   I went to Mary’s house to discuss the information that I had gathered.  While I was discussing my communication with  Nakota, Mary was very quiet.  Her facial expression was neutral and she offered no feedback to validate anything that I was saying.  Needless to say, I was becoming a bit uneasy and nervous.  When I told Mary that I had asked Nakota if he had a message for her and that I had heard one heartbeat, Mary looked at me and began to weep.  After composing herself, Mary filled me in on the details concerning Nakota’s euthanasia.

On that fateful day, Mary was able to get Nakota to stand up and walk to his final resting place.  After the vet tranquilized Nakota he was lying down when the veterinarian administered the final injection.   Mary said at this point, she grabbed the stethoscope from the vet’s neck because she just had to hear Nakota’s last heartbeat.  Mary shared that she had often questioned if she had done the right thing for Nakota.  Now she knew that she would never question that decision again.

Over the years, I have had many requests from clients and friends alike to communicate with animals that have passed on.  Each of them has spoken of a great sense of peace and closure based on the information that was communicated.  Do animals go to heaven?  No one knows but I DO know one thing for sure.  Sharing eternity with our animal friends does sound heavenly to ME!

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