Animals, Leadership, and Women

On a daily basis, I experience the great fortune of working with clients who dearly love their animals.  Some of these kind people demonstrate great devotion to their animals, yet fall short in their ability to lead.  Animals, as well as people, respond well to a true leader due to the sense of well-being and security derived from doing so. All of us who choose to share our lives with animals have countless opportunities to lead and be led through the relationships we develop with our companions.

 In both ancient and modern times, women and animals have shared a kinship.  Our lives have sometimes been affected by false leadership involving suppression, domination, aggression, and intimidation.  These oppressive acts reflect a dysfunctional human psyche masquerading in the disguise of leadership.  Do you want to know what I have to say about that?  NO MORE!

Leadership is not about asserting authority, increasing power, or supporting one’s ego.  Nor is leadership synonymous with governing, which involves controlling the way something is done.  Authentic leadership requires an attitude of service and encouragement.  With the right attitude, a person can lead a frightened animal to safety or encourage a shy animal to do something outside of its comfort zone.  True leadership involves having a genuine concern for the best interest of another.  Any “LEADERSHIP” which takes away the fundamental “power of choice” is merely control and does not embody the true essence of genuine leadership.  

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Horses have a strong desire to follow a leader, horse or human.  Historically, horses followed their leader to ensure the safety of the herd.  This personality trait has resulted in their continued survival during the last 50 million years.  Human leaders must always remember to allow their horses to have freedom of choice.  Otherwise, no real leadership has taken place.  A person who corners, captures, restrains or forces any animal to submit to his or her will is no more than a bully.  True leadership involves the inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment of our animals.  Our humanity lies in our respect of “the freedom of choice” for all beings.

Join me at my farm in North Carolina for a 3 day clinic (September 19_ 21, 2014).  An authentic leader lies within each and every one of you.  Together we’ll journey down the road less traveled as I empower YOU to become the kind of leader your animals will want to follow.  Feel free to refer to my website for more information:

Have a great rest of the week and remember that the leadership we provide for our animals is only an illusion until we all say, NO MORE!

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