Animals Bring Us Messages

Fred the Great Blue Heron

Fred the Great Blue Heron

Throughout my life, I have experienced countless incidents in which animals have brought messages to me.  These messages have arrived during both good times and bad, including times during which important decisions had to be made. 

A few months ago, I conducted a private clinic for a wonderful lady who had attended two of my previous clinics. One of her horses had recently kicked out as if to strike her.  This event prompted her to call me to schedule a private clinic at her beautiful home in Alabama. I arrived late in the evening, so I was unable to see the terrain and general surroundings until the next day.

When I awoke the next morning, I was surprised to see a lovely view of Mobile Bay.  I walked out onto my client’s pier and sat in a swinging chair for quite some time.  My client joined me and we talked in detail about what she hoped to achieve during our three day clinic.  The scenery was so beautiful.  I asked about the presence of wildlife and my client told me that sometimes she sees a Great Blue Heron that has been affectionately named Fred.  She further stated that she had not seen Fred in a very long time.  As we were about to leave the pier, we heard a call.  As we turned toward the direction of the call, Fred flew onto the roof of the pier.  My client’s thoughts of Fred had brought him to us!  Needless to say, the experience was quite magical indeed. 

Where we were sitting when Fred flew on the roof.

Where we were sitting when Fred flew on the roof.

My client’s horses live in lush pastures and there is no arena on the property.  As we began the clinic, I wondered how the horses would respond to us since they were surrounded by a smorgasbord of tasty and tempting grass.  By the second day, the horses acknowledged our leadership.  Without the use   tack, force, or restraint (and in their natural environment) the horses willingly accepted invitations to walk with us and they welcomed us into their herd.    Throughout our clinic, the natural environment that surrounded us provided many insights and symbolic messages for my client and for her horses as well.  

During the last morning (before I departed for the airport) we decided to eat breakfast out on the pier.  As we shared our thoughts about the epiphanies and synchronicities that my client had experienced during the clinic, Fred appeared yet again.  He gracefully walked down the 100 yard pier and stayed with us as we finished our breakfast.  Fred posed for us as we admired his beauty as you can see in the slide show below.  Thank God we had a camera!  Fred showed off so much that we were thirty minutes late in leaving for the airport.  Once again, it was a magical occurrence and in total accord with the clinic that we had just experienced.

Without a doubt, Fred was giving a message.  We looked up the symbolism of the Great Blue Heron in one of my reference books.  We were fascinated to see that The Blue Heron symbolizes Self-Reflection.  Heron asks that we follow our intuition and begin the empowering journey of self-realization.  The focus of this entire clinic had been to empower my client, not only with her horses, but in her professional life as well.  As advertised on my flyers, The Carolyn Resnick Method is a method of self-realization through the training of horses at liberty. 

 Is it possible that an animal is trying to get your attention?  When an animal appears in a manner that is unexpected or out of the ordinary, know that it has a message for YOU!    Humans can definitely benefit from the wisdom of these beautiful creatures.  

Have a great rest of the week as you remain mindful that we are ALL connected in this magnificent journey that we call life!

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