To all the bug smashers out there.......

Is there anything more interesting than people?  I personally don't think so and I feel our animals would agree.  It fascinates me how two neighbors can live side by side, or perhaps even in the same house, and one will to go great lengths to save an animal, while the other doesn't seem to care.  Both can feel right and justified in their treatment of animals, leaving me to ponder, what is the truth and how do we close the gap in such a polarity in the treatment of animals?  

If you are reading this blog, I am going to assume you are an animal lover who goes to great strides to save or free an animal.  I struggle to unlock the hearts of those who are not of this mindset.  How are we to close the gap?  One thing is for sure, thinking we are right and they are wrong, widens the gap.  

When my daughter Lauren was a child, my husband and I were inspiringly moved when we watched Lauren return a bug to the outside who had wondered off his natural path into our home.  Rather than smash the critter, Lauren carefully scooped up the bug on paper and lovingly freed the bug, leading him back to his natural path.  We were touched by our daughter's innocence, compassion, and love.  

Here is my contribution to closing the gap between the rescuers and the bug smashers.  Relocating a bug back to the outdoors after it finds it's way into your house, is an opportunity to anyone watching to see love and compassion being demonstrated.  One never know what effect it will have .  Why waste an opportunity to be a silent inspiration to those who might be watching, not to mention what you will be to the bug.  

Have a great week!  I leave you with this quote.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
— Albert Einstein
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