Bring on the Fun !!!!

Last week’s blog (To Ride or Not to Ride) sparked a polarity among my readers.  As I read your comments, I was touched by the intensity of emotion that each of you feels concerning the subject of riding a horse.  No matter which side of the fence you are on, it rings loud and true that you are genuine in your passion for horses.  Your devotion to horses and your intention for their well-being shines forth in your comments which is good news for humans and horses alike.  Let’s continue our growth as we build on what we have in common and be respectful of our differences.  

Now I would like to introduce this week’s topic which is FUN.  When things get too serious, I recognize it as an indicator that it is time to bring some FUN back into the mix!  Where do you think the expression “horsing around” comes from anyway?  It is not the “hands of time” ticking away that makes us old, but the inability to have fun.  It is estimated that my veteran horse Black Jack is somewhere between 33 and 34 years old, yet I still see him playing with other horses in the pasture.  He may be a senior horse but he still has a joie de vivre and definitely does not act his age; yet another lesson we can learn from the horse!  All species of animals incorporate fun into their lives.  YouTube has a plethora of videos which show animals having fun with their own species and others as well.  Animals are always whispering their wisdom to us if we will take the time to listen. 

When is the last time you introduced a little FUN into YOUR life?  Is it an everyday occurrence or something that rarely happens?  When did you last enjoy a gut-wrenching laugh or cause someone to double over with glee?  What is your attitude toward FUN?  Do you think FUN is just for children?  I challenge you to hang your seriousness on the nearest coat rack and to do something FUN.   Laughter is the best medicine; there is no question about it!  I would even go so far as to say that laughter may even be the Fountain of Youth.  Having FUN puts life’s events in their proper perspective and prevents seriousness from snowballing out of control.

Several years ago, I (along with 6 other women) took an 8 day clinic at Carolyn Resnick’s ranch in California.  We had an incredible time in Carolyn’s clinic and enjoyed each other’s company immensely.  During our free time in the evenings, we all learned how to “play the cups.”  As a token of our appreciation to Carolyn, we decided that upon our return home we would piece together a song that we would create by “playing the cups.” This was not an easy task since we all lived in different parts of the country and abroad.  We wrote the song and each of us had an assigned part which we each videotaped.  My part involved about 30 seconds of singing.  I readily admit that I am no singer, which you will soon witness for yourself!  You are about to see 4 minutes of bloopers which were edited out of our video.  I hope the bloopers will bring you joy and that you will have FUN while watching.  Just what the horse whispered, right? 

Have a great rest of the week and go have some FUN !!!!

Linda Salinas2 Comments