Rhonda Meadows in Calgary, Canada, Hosts Waterhole Rituals Training

Horse Whisperer Linda J. Salinas Offers Horse Training Clinic in Calgary, Canada

Rhonda meadows hosted this amazing clinic in the scenic area of Calgary, Canada. Eight lovely women gathered to learn and communicate with horses in the language the horse speaks and understands. These women gathered together to learn The Carolyn Resnick Method, and journeyed through the Waterhole Rituals. The Waterhole Rituals are a relationship-based method to build a bond with your horse. In this clinic, we learned not only from Linda J. Salinas, a certified Instructor in the Carolyn Resnick Method, but from the horses themselves. 

The drive to the clinic was spectacular, with snow-capped mountains all around in the month of May. Connections were made with the women and their horses for an unforgettable clinic. Great clinic, great horses, and great women in Calgary, a beautiful horse popular area of Canada. 

Interested in hosting a horse training clinic in your Canada town with horse whisperer and trainer Linda J. Salinas? Contact me.