Waterhole Rituals Training at Lovely Farm in Manitoba, Canada

Horse Trainer Linda J. Salinas Provides Clinics in Manitoba, Canada

Barb Finwick hosted a Waterhole Ritual clinic at her farm in Manitoba Canada, where 10 lovely ladies came to get a better connection with their horses at Liberty. Two of the ladies drove 12 hours to attend and later hosted me at their farm for a clinic. We shared a memorable clinic, starting with a meditation. We were joined by 5 horses who chose to meditate with us by lying down right beside of us. The energy was magical and dragonflies filled the sky, landing on all of us. It was an amazing experience and the Canadian women could not have been nicer—very open to connecting with their horses at liberty. We covered all of the rituals with horses of different personalities. An unforgettable clinic for all!

Would you like to bring Linda J. Salinas to your Canada farm to host a Waterhole Rituals clinic? Contact me.